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Bass Reeves was the son of slaves who became one of the greatest law enforcement professionals after having been freed by the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863! To escape the ravages of slavery he fled home to a Native American Indian village where he remained for a number of years until slavery no longer ruled as the pariah which ruled the lives of indigenous people on the American Continent!!! Shortly after his return to his farm, he formed a family but shortly after pursued the profession of becoming the first indigenous Deputy U.S. Marshal west of the Mississippi River where he skillfully brought back to justice over three thousand fugitives from justice! 
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The Gold Falcon Thunderbird Survivalist Club!
Come and join the many who are seeking the peace of the Indigenous people in their quest to reverse the carnage and destruction that has befallen Mother Earth! Time is running out and the Ancestors are waiting patiently to guide all who seek them to show you the way to becoming the true stewards of this precious land! Don't delay in returning to forever; returning to the pure state of the pure mind! We are planning weekend get aways to live on the land for a weekend under the stars! Be rightly guided by the Elders of the Past, Present and Future as our Mother Earth has evolved through the many pains that seek to destroy her and her children! [email protected]