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"It Took Violence To Bring Peace?????"

Posted on August 29, 2018 at 9:50 AM

Isn't it interesting how man has become accustomed to certain comforts and expectations in his life to make him / her comfortable in their surroundings! it's even more interesting that culture was the criteria which determined how one man's comfort is different than another man's! Indigenous people of the Earth have been used to, what seems to be a simplistic way of life with a temperament that tends to accept what is given to him instead of what he has to change to make things pleasureable or acceptable to him! When the European came to what he coined as, " The New World" he invariably saw things differently here in America and brought in what he considered tobe modern conveniences such as running water at a pump or a sink instead of walking the distance of over five miles to the neareat watering hole, lake, stream or river to only bring back what never seemed to be enough for himself or for a family to use! As time passed, these so called modern conveniences became the necessities which made life a lot easieer to bare! So what makes life a lot easier to bare? Is it the need to change those things which are not suitable to one man but suitable to the other? Does that suitability influence how far a man will go to make life as he knows it instead of leaving life as those who have come used to the idea of having never ever change only to be thust into a different lifestyle that was caused by his invading neighbor?

As Native Americans / indigenous people were often times nomadic due to changes in the weather or changes in how the food sources moved about affected by  the same conditions, that was a practical way for any culture to survive no matter what their mission was of discovery! However, it seemed that when need turned into greed, that the a more lofty way to change ones conditions was needed in order to keep the land and no longer become nomadic in searching the land for the more comfortable accomodations! This is when those who originally possessed the land now became a threat to those who wanted to also occupy the land for the greater conveniences or accommodations! Small log cabins became burgening mansions and the small plot of land that fed just a few, now became farms who sold large amounts of produce and livestock to the surrounding communities! It was violence that grew out of the greed for the land and all of the resources that lie therein that made the need for the invaders to use a more persuasive violence against the original stewards of the land, to not only take more land but to keep what they had taken. Violence becane an acceptable thing by the invading European to kill and imprison and control the land feeling free to give or sell to whom he wanted! his deeds of dirt went unnoticed when he began to use religion to justify that his god told him that he was civilized while others who were a peace loving and abiding people were savages and didnt deserve anything! The invader, the first terrorists now created laws to do what he called legal, to get rid of the menace that plagued his freedom! Will this attitude ever change or do indigenous people need to change their approach to ruling themselves where they will practice once again a more civil form of justice? It is the intention of  Chief Gold Falcon to establish a criminal justice system which will handle the adjudication of crimes against each other and by non indigenous people while at the same time creating the police department that will handle law enforcement  in a more propitious manner! Come home oh nation of indigenous people and be one!

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