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How Did Cultural Violence Grow In America?

Posted on August 21, 2018 at 10:25 AM

Is anyone surprised at the rise of violence in America, these days, let alone the never ending story about Terrorism? Considering the path that the American culture has taken, there had to be an influence involved that fostered the continual rise in the violent interaction that has been going on for the past 68 years that I have observed in America! 

As it has been construed that a man is not a man when he cries because crying is a sign of weakness or he doesnt stand up to a strong woman because his ego has been bruised, there is also a root cause or influence which made the steady progression of the continual and noticeable violent interaction that has been going on for the 400 years in America from the stereotypes about Indians being a violent people or whose influence has gone unnoticed for far too long due to the increase in technology surrounding the media? There were things that I had to question about my own behavioral response to those around me as I entered into my pre-teen years! I found that, most if not all males in America were being influenced by what the "City of imagination"; that place where dreams and wild imaginings are created and where concocted stories were placed on cellulose or film; where actors die everyday only to come back as another and another person playing a multitude of parts and roles in the movies and on the screens of every American's tv ! This part of every American's life can be chronicled by their behavior according to the type of programing that they were exposed to; comming from the minds of someone's imagination which was planned by a writer and scripted by playwrites, producers and directors into the thousands of movies which have been created in places like Hollywood! The making of a movie or television show must be one of the most strategically placed and tactically planned creations to generate moods of anger, happiness, joy, pain etc.; you name it and the planning of these tales of men and women, become the works of genius' whom are hansomely rewarded for creating patterns of behavior which keeps the American economy going! From the Military Industrial Complex to the Prison Industrial Complex, Hollywood has supplied the propaganda which has successfully influenced and programed the majority of the world to conduct their lives in the way the controllers have prescribed, irradically, ciminally and irresponsibly! In the planning of every movie a theme is established ! whatever that theme is for the day, pain, violence, war, terrorism, you name it, the one who wrote the story to be played out gives the producers and the directors, an idea of what actors should be used to portray the behavior or who is type-casted to what behavior is needed to elicit the response from the viewing audience! The articulation of John Wayne in the movie, "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon," as a Union Calvary soldier on the Plains of western America, fit perfectly, the desired role to gain the desired affect of degrading the stature of Indians by fighting them! This type of action not only covered the illegal taking of Indian land by the white American government but made the Indians look like violent savages who were only fighting for what belonged them! Chuck Norris, in his continual roles as Colonel Braddock in the, Missing in Action, saga of how prisoners of war were treated in Vietnam was typecasted perfectly as the angry pow who insensed the audience to feel the response of violence, pain and desperation and anger under horrible conditions of imprisonment! Life in America became a series of programed events orchestrated by those who control the theme of television shows! Haven' t you noticed that every Televsion program whether it is a movie or a weekly series daily presents the same theme regardless of them being shown on different channels? For instance, if a Magnum, PI, with a weekly series of, let's say, every Thursday, shows a plot about someone being kidnapped, that every show on that same Thursday on other channels is about a kidnapping or someone being held against their will! Such is the same about violence or dealing drugs or domestic violence, etc. In knowing that this type of programming is being used to control the behavior of the American public, there is no wonder that the growth and development of American children is being influenced by those outside forces that you think you are avoiding ! As long as the American public is participating in the watching of television and movies, it is being controlled. There was a time that the networks would flash a word across the screen so quickly that only the mind percieved the appearance that your eyes had seen but only registered in your subconscious mind as a suggestion, like the word hungry where you, then, thought you were hungry got up to eat and didn' t know why because you didn't feel hungry!  In more finite details, people over the past 68 years were fed such a level of violence that people were abusing their wives and children due to the violence which was being taught on television or in movies and didn't know why! Oftentimes their behavior was questioned because on any other occasion, these very same people were not violent or hadn't displayed violent behavior! Today these same people are known as baby boomers and fell victim to substance abuse due to all of the Blacksploitation movies that were being put out like, "Superfly, Dolemite, Shaft, Three the Hard way, and Cotton comes to Harlem! This same type of programming even inhibits the growth of races of people who were expected to change but haven't due to these same powers of suggestion! Everyone learns from their mistakes sooner or later, but why haven't our young learned from the mistakes of those of us who are now senior citizens? It is important that we wake up to this travesty before we totally destroy America! By breaking the cycle of feeding into the media we will overcome the fear of hatred and anger and come to put more love of self, The Most High, and each other into affect! 

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