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"The devil's Lie"

Posted on July 25, 2018 at 6:35 PM

The spirit of the evil people that took the land of the indigenous people has been around a long long time! Even as a young man, I have always had the hope that our people would awaken one morning and come to discover their true identity and real freedom. I penned a poem in my early days that expressed the anxieties of my father who fought for this land to gain the freedom that we so much deserve only to find out that the evil plan of an evil people do not have any intentions in giving it back after 500 or more broken treaties! Remember that treaties are laws that are being constantly broken by the government that you serve! The worst thing that any good man is to do nothing! The best thing for every good man and woman is to join as indigenous people to strengthen our resolve to making sure that our children do not and will not suffer what we have suffered for over 400 years!The name of the poem is, " A Father's Lament" published in 1983! 

I can't eat my medals, said a father to his son

the wages of our war, still a battle never won,

I fought a war in Germany, saw brothers live and die,

came home to meet the bread lines, a legacy of a lie,

they said my home America was for the free amd brave,

no more a place of enemies, no more except a grave,

I thought the threat of racists plans were halted at Berlin, 

but to my surprise, the Hitler plan changed lanes and came again,

you see my son, the devil hides in Gucci's, Brookes and Bonds,

his name is Adolf Hitler, Reagan, Nixon and Pope John,

he'll starve you to a whiteness and send you off to die,

in some other brother's  land who shares the same ol' cry,

till you come off  the streets and corners, from opium, dope and gin,

from believing lying wonders and the devil from within,

till you join the ranks of borthers as warriors side by side,

you'll die a nigger's death waiting for a devil's lie! 

During a later discussion about the content of this poem, I was asked about my feelings about he Church and Christianity in regards to my statement about Pope John! Its not to say that the Pope is an evil person only that the Church is represented by so many notbables who have gained great favor for the work that they have done around the world in the name of Christianity! I must remain constatnt to speaking the truth about facts that have been presented to me over time and have influenced my views about the truth! It was during a discussion with a friend of mine from Poland who worked for the United Nations as an observer! He shared with me an experience that he had surrounding Mother Thereasa speaking to throngs of starving children in India during one of her visits there! As over 10,000 children were listening to a speech that she was making to the crowds about the mercy of God, she also shared that no one in the crowd would be fed until they accepted their becoming members of the Catholic Church! I thought that to be a bit callous and manupulating and heartless! The mercy of God is unconditionally given! Mercy given as an act of contrition which and not a matter of making a deal or being extorted! What better merrcy could there have been other than them feeling the taste of hot food filling their empty bellies? 

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Reply Patti
7:54 PM on July 25, 2018 
Great words of wisdom