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Posted on June 23, 2018 at 7:00 PM

The richness of tribal, indigenous people who have come to be known as Indians has been lost to the obscurity of satisfying the struggle of supporting a non-tribal, non-indigenous governemnt and economy! 

In as much as the story of discovery has described a man known as Christopher Columbus (the first American terrorist) as someone who has summarily ecountered indigenous people living on this land: the American continent known as "Turtle Island," Europeans started out signing an agreement now called the Constitution, a treaty which detailed to the colonists what they could and couldn"t do on the settlements which were colonies totaling 13. By doing everything in their power to destroy the images of indigenous culture and rich historical achievements, the Europeans turned 13 colonies into 13 states! Through the destructive and murderous nature of the white Eurpoean (The Spanish, The French, The English, The Portuguese and the Irish) they have, in their inception of taking the land from indigenous people, set out on a campaign to methodically murder and disenfranchise over 12 million indigenous people that they inaccurately came to call, "Indians!" Their methodical  approach was to first, change the names of the tribes or enclaves of indigenous people. This brought much confusion to both the indigenous people as well as the invaders to where  there were lines drawn as to who's who amongst a native people who were virtually all the same! When this same European came to enslave those same indigenous people whose distorted identity was further blurred by the destruction of their language from their original native tongue, a greater confusion which was used by the European to set one group against another! The European, in affect created a new way of thinking through language; they created a new way of changing your identity! Because we spoke French, we called ourselves French! When we spoke Spanish, we called ourselves Spaniards! When we spoke English, we called ourselves British subjects! We, as one people, who now have become splinter groups, influenced by European culture, had come to be used as mercenaries bartering our lives to fight the wars for the Europeans who struggled against each other for our land; the same land which was the source of our strength and power! In turn, we came to fight each other literally losing sight of our true identity! In our In our confusion, the European whites usurped control over the indigenous land and territories by building colonies and creating his governemt and laws to rule, by throwing us off of our very own land! He used religion (The Jesuits) and his god to justify murder by calling it, ethnic cleansing of savages and heathens!" He ultinmately created a day called, "Thanksgiving" to celebrate the ethnic cleansing as a token of his mission to protect hs conquest of American indigenous land and touted the Pilgrams as a peace loving people! The European even came to call himself, "The Chosen People!" He would  come to create laws that would now hide his murderous intent which took the blame off of him and put the blame on us! The modern day form of ethnic cleansing is to watch us respond adversely to our impoverished conditions of having been denied the opprotunity to participate in the human drama just as he doesn't and lock us up when we act out! The felonies cause a civil death to officially deny us an equal playing field of opportunity! He expanded civil death  to imposing physical death when we are kidnapped and incarcerated for taking a life and paying the price of execution, as he touts the law that he created and violated at the same time when he says there's "no statute of limitations on murder" after a 400 year carnage and 12 million deaths later of indigenous people! The  final straw that brought  the strength of indigenous people down was through calling the indigenous people, Indians! Columbus' most  destructive  effort came when indigenous  people were called Indians which is interpreted through any of the Romantic languages which are Latin Based! Upon inspection, you will clearly see what the European people actually thought of indigenous people by imposing his religion upon a people, indigenous people who were blind to the definition of social nomenclature! Through etymology or the study of words, Indian is broken down into two words, (in) which means without and (dio) which means god. According to European evaluation of religion and their interpretation or description of individuals who were without their god one would be considered to be nothing less than a heathen or savages! When Europeans back in Europe heard of Columbus' evaluation, a whole new trend in social acceptance of the Native Americans, the indigenous people became a target for an evangelistic crusade for whites to now bring Christianity into vogue as a tool to civilize the indigenous population through their accepting the title of being a heathen who demonstrated his behavior as a guilty sinner! In fact, the Catholic Church reinforced the idea of the dark skin of indigenous people was made dark by their god due to their being sinners! There's no wonder that the phrase, "you are a sinner and will always fall short of the glory of god" became a popular mantra to maintain a sublime control and image of being the saviors of indigenous people! Statements like that were all part of the campaign to maintain a postion of superiority over the Indian people! From the inception of the religious dogma that permeated the lives of the Native Americans, the native culture would suffer a drastic decline creating a subserviant attitude where the Native people would live their lives seeking acceptance from their white counterpart and approval for a long time to come! 

Through all the civil rights laws and with all the work that civil rights activists conduct, indigenous people have been spinning their wheels in their attempts to make a significant difference in gaining their true freedom and respect! As long as there is an imbalance where the European world  holds the lion share of all economic power formerly held by indigenous people of land, gold, lumber, diamonds, you name it, the world will tip to one side trembling from a vibration that will ultimately tare it apart! That same power when achieved by indigenous people is what has and will give us back all opportunities for our loved ones to avoid committing crimes and conducting illegal and subversive activities to gain what the Europeans have enjoyed for the past 400 here in America (turtle Island) ! It is now time for the indigenous people to come together by erasing all of the barriers of language, religion, color, hair texture and economics that keeps us separated from a rich future that is filled with a past that was just as rich! Come together under one banner of your indigenous appearance of your ancestors and let's build a nation that we can be proud of! 

There are more of us than the Narragansett, the Mashentucket Pequots, the Mashpee Wampanog, the Nip Mucs, the Mohegan and Mohican, the Abenaki, the St. Regis, the Lenni Lenape, etc. who lives here in the Northern New England States! There Brazilian, Columbians, who are all a part of Central, South and Latin America, the Mechica, Mexicans, the Puerta Rican, Taino, the Dominican Arawak, the Cape Verdean, the Haitian, the Jamaican, Arawak and other West Indian Arawak tribes, as well as the many tribes of indigenous people from the African Continent! 

Wake up, my brothers and sisters who are in search of their  true selves and real freedom Return to your Indigenous culture and ancestry! Contact Chief Gold Falcon at [email protected] Contribute that part of your ancestry to partake in the coming of a brave new world where we will enjoy a lasting peace! 

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