"        The                                                                                                   "The Guale Yamassee Indigenous Security Agency"    
               "The                                      Tribal Police                                  


THE GUALE, YAMASSEE, INDIGENOUS SECURITY AGENCY: The Peregrine Falcon is often spoken about as the gold or golden falcon. He  is  a master of the skies along with his brothers, the eagle, the hawk, and other birds of prey known as raptors!!!! When left alone by the encroaching destructive, human nature, The Gold Falcons maintain an accurate balance of the food chain on Earth!!! The Peregrine falcon's mastery over his perch from the air is assisted by his mighty speed of a little over 205 miles an hour dive and his impeccable vision to execute an immediate response to observing that which is out of balance on the ground!!! Their visual mastery enhances their perception over this earth; patrolling the skies recording all that they see and putting into order those things which they are assigned!!! They are here to preserve the balance of "THE ETERNAL LAWS OF NATURE" given to this planet by "THE GREAT SPIRIT!!!" These are the laws that man on Earth must return to which will allow all people to live harmoniously and in peace!!! We are the human stewards who were assigned to watching over this planet!!! We are the indigenous people with a history of millions of years of successfully maintaining peace and prosperity and keeping nature in balance!!!  As a steward assigned to maintain the eternal laws of what the "Great Spirit" has put into motion, we are duly assigned the jobs of being the law enforcement officers of love, life and preservation of all of creation! We are the Gold Falcons marshaling " THE ETERNAL LAWS"; who can put things back into perspective for a better future!!! The hope of the world's survival will depend upon the Gold Falcons taking charge of this planet's survival!!! We are the federated branch of the Guale, Yamassee, Indigenous Native American Association of Nations, with the goal of uniting all Native American Indigenous people under one banner of justice for all; under one banner of Tribal law enforcement and public safety in America! We supply the Guale, Yamassee, Indigenous Police Department with the laws and information needed to strengthened the activities, forensics and adjudication in protecting the rights of like minded Tribal Nationals !  "COME AND JOIN US,....LET US BECOME ONE!!!"; BECOME A DEPUTY MARSHAL AND MEMBER OF YOUR TRIBAL NATION!